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Q: I've seen floors made of end-cuts of wood. How do you lay this kind of floor? How is it attached to the underlayment, and what's the right grout to use?

End Grain Flooring Wood Types ... noise and the angle of cut allows for the growth rings to resist scraping and general wear much more effectively than ...End Cut Wood Floor - Image ResultsMore End Cut Wood Floor images

End-grain flooring is made with wood tiles that are cross-cut from almost any kind of lumber. The size of the tiles is determined by the width and thickness of the ...

The ancients used the end-grain of logs as "chopping blocks" because the tough end-grain surface could ... cut, and installed to ... End Gain Wood Blocks provide a ...

End tracks may be necessary for installing transition pieces for sections of wood flooring, or for installing sliding or french doors in a doorway. You may also need ...

Any others done end-cut or I think it's also called 'cobble block' wood floors? Material? Thickness? Pics? Techniques?

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"Green" End Grain Choices; ... Fir Wood Block Flooring. Click to enlarge image ... Fir blocks are cut from slower growing and very large fir trees.

What is end-grain wood? Rather than cutting a plank of wood the length of the trunk, ... The end-grain wood floor warms up this very modern space, ...

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Advice on installation methods for end-grain wood flooring. February 10, 2009. Question ... cross cut, dry in Nyles, redimension, glue down, finish, and grout.

Q: On one of your programs, you showed a flooring installation that involved cutting wood tiles from a piece of lumber and grouting them with sawdust from the cuts.

End Grain Tile. CLICK TO VIEW A LARGER IMAGE. Our end grain tiles are made from new wood that has been cut "On End". This flooring is available in a wide variety of ...

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Q & A: Making End Grain Block Flooring from Wood Scraps & Cut Off 2 X 4s

Cutting in The End Piece. ... Preventing Common Wood Floor Install Issues ; Staircase Install; Staircase Installation; Stair Winders; Staircase Installation Images;

Wood cut across the grain as opposed to with it, ... you can install can end grain wood floor. A great choice for hardwood flooring is to use reclaimed wood.

They take things a step further and make “mosaic end-grain” floors by using hand-cut pieces that ... Back when the Wood Floor of the Year awards began—when ...

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