Glass Door Series

  • Glass Door Series

Common sizes: 750*2000mm, 800*2100mm, 850*2200mm, 900*2300mm
Applications: home, chain hotels, hospital and chamber decoration
Main component: PE, wood powder and etc.
Surface processing: UV transfer, painting
Installation method: whole set installation
Colors: See color master


1. Looks and feel like wood, natural and attractive, environmentally friendly.
Keep veneer or texture of natural wood, well blended into natural environment. While overcoming the setbacks of real wood, such as crack, bend, protuberance, twill, colourful specks and mould dots etc, it appears a fine smooth surface and there is no need to have regular maintenance.
2. Can manufacture various types of profiles flexibly according to design.
It is possible to make different sizes, forms and thickness. Moreover, wiht fine and smooth surface, such a material needs no polishing or painting. In the meantime, owing to upper processing technic such as adding color additive and tectorial membrance etc, colorful and truly products could be made.
3. Nicer physical performance.
Such excellent performance as good flame resistance, low hydroscopicity, good size stability, anti-erosion, anti-friction, mould, aging, cold, ultraviolet and moth resistance, anti-bacteria and nontoxic etc. It applies particularly to outdoor or open air spaces of entertainment, sports and water landscape etc.
4. Excellenct stain tolerance, antibacterial health, super self-cleaning.
Thanks to leading-in of nanometer material, it appears compactness, no pores, and it has low hydroscopicity, anti-bacteria. As a new compound material, it is the most sanitary one at the present time.
5. Lasting life span, cheap price and practicality.
Averagely, the life span is five times longer than real wood. Moreover it needs no regular maintenance, wihich reduces the upper processing cost, 1/3~1/4 cost of real wood.
6. Firm and light, green environmental protection.
Firm and light products that can preserve temperature. No formaldehyde and other toxic substance. No need to paint and non-pollution environment. Could be 100% recycled and biodegradated. Consequently, it is a green product which is about to take the place of traditional wood materials.
7. Have the dual processing characteristic of wood and plastic.
Simple process for any wood processing mechanical assemble. Apply to second processing such as Nailbale, paneable, drillable, stickable. And different colors can be applied up to different desi.